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In 1978 G&S Lumber began business as a hardwood tie mill manufacturing rough sawn hardwood railroad ties and dimension lumber.  Over the years we have perfected our processes to include the production of a multitude of lumber products and species.  We specialize in industrial grade lumber including dimensions as small as pallet parts and as large as heavy industrial timbers.  We also produce green southern red oak and white oak 4/4 lumber.  With our inventory of up to 1/2 million board feet we supply customers nationwide.

Our manufacturing facilities include a combination of tried and true good ole’ fashion circle saw technology as well as state of the art thin kerf bandsaw and electronic automation.  By incorporating these into our operation we are able to provide our customers with the production and quality they deserve.  At G&S  we deliver down to earth service.  We’re not about bells and whistles but about service for you, the customer.

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